Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

Are you losing your hair, and have tried everything from A to Z and nothing seems to stop it? Today is your lucky day, because you may have finally found the solution.

Many men (and women!) have found that using coconut oil for hair loss is extremely effective when nothing else had previously worked.

You see, coconut oil contains a special fatty acid known as lauric acid (though if you’re coming from our coconut oil benefits article, you already know this!). Lauric acid provides all kinds of different benefits for the human body, most notably ones for our skin and hair. Applying coconut oil to your hair, be it in pure coconut oil or coconut oil shampoo form, will make your hair soft, shiny, and healthier overall. As I’m sure you could guess, you’re less likely to lose your hair if its healthy!

Coconut Oil for Hair LossAs with most hair loss solutions, this doesn’t work for everyone. Some people had luck with Nizoral… some saw results with Rogaine… and some were successful with coconut oil! It really seems to come down to a mutltude of things, such as:

  • activity level
  • life style
  • genetics
  • gender
  • age

I can’t make any guarantees that your hair loss will be halted when you use coconut oil for it. I can guarantee, though, that what hair you do have will look and smell great!